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“Fridge Food”, an event organized by Wanhua School to share food and bring people together, has been attracting local residents and members of welfare groups. Wanhua School is a local social enterprise aimed at raising the visibility of Wanhua. In order to provide a better understanding of Wanhua, the school organizes summer camps that lead kids through the commercial district and on tours of local historic buildings like the old sugar factory. By visiting stores and undertaking various tasks, the kids get a different understanding of west Taipei. 

To ensure the community’s future development, the school intends to continue focusing on the city’s museums, joint creative projects between the old and young and issues connected with the local area. The community will no longer be limited to issues surrounding urban renewal like demolition and reconstruction but endeavor to foster diversity and tolerance in the hearts of everyone. Today, although the past splendor of Wanhua is no longer visible, it was one of the earliest regions in Taipei to witness development. This new wave of enthusiastic participation by local residents and local groups is ensuring that the friendliness and stories of this rich and fascinating local community will be passed on for generations to come. 

Dinner with the community – Classes have started at Wanhua School!  



坐上餐桌走入社区 万华社区小学开课啰!

Dinner with the community – Cl「冰箱菜」活动由万华社区小学所举办,吸引万华居民与在地社福团体成员,一边吃饭一边联络感情,万华社区小学是在地的社会企业,成立目的就是要让万华被更多人看到,为了要更加认识万华,举办的夏令营活动,会带领小朋友穿梭在商圈、历史建筑物以及糖厂之间,藉由採访店家或是解任务的方式,让孩子们发现不一样的台北西区。


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